self supporting rigs for aerial acrobatics

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UOU aerial rigs?

designed with passion

for aerial acrobatics

you wonder which structure is best for you?

we have been doing aerial rigs since 2012.

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​ (0039) 329 082 1875

your show    everywhere

designed and

built in the deep italian south

buy online at 2,750 € including shipping

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new pyramid UOU INOX

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buy online at 3.050 € shipping included


UOU aerial since 2012

we have been designing and manufacturing UOU aerial structures
since 2102. we guarantee maximum practicality and safety for all aerial disciplines: aerial hoop, fixed trapeze, rope and aerial fabric


for every of your flights

designed to simplify assembly, disassembly and transport, the UOU pyramid is versatile, ideal for training both outdoors and indoors of aerial gymnastics, aerial acrobatics and aerial dance

coloma roig / majorca / spain

uou aerial since 2016


cumbersome just enough

at maximum height of 6.3 m, the footprint on the ground is an equilateral triangle with a side of 5.8 m. ​with a height of 4.8
m the side is 4.6 m,

with 3.4 m by 3.3 m

lisa paris / bergamo / italia

uou aerial from 2019


hannah anderson / belfast / united kingdom

​uou aerial from 2020

always carry it with you

made up of very light elements, weighs less than 100 kg and can be easily loaded and transported by car, even by one person. the heaviest element is the cusp, weighing only 9.5 kg


espacio la rota / badajoz / spain

uou aerial from 2020

the pyramids of Europe

our structures reach you, quickly and in total safety, in Italy and throughout Europe thanks to the agreements made with BRT Corriere Espresso and the European network DPD Group


luz gauchat / provence / france uou aerial from 2018

up and down in a blink

the UOU pyramid is designed for traveling use. in two persons it takes up in 15 minutes, and can also be assembled by one person


safety, certified.

the pyramid UOU is certified for single use and in duo. suitable for all stationary gymnastics, dance and aerial acrobatics equipment: aerial fabric, trapeze, rope and aerial hoop

alexa schönenberger / zurich / switzerland

uou aerial from 2020

watch the video

assembly tutorial

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